SIBA DDS – the Direct Delivery Scheme


SIBA DDS, the Society’s main commercial venture, is a major success story.

Since its inception in 2002, SIBA DDS has grown into a business which, in its latest financial year, achieved a turnover of more than £12 million.

SIBA DDS currently buys over 2500 draught and bottled beers from around 520 participating SIBA brewers and sells them on to 18 national pub companies and off-trade retailers – companies with which, until the establishment of DDS, brewers of local beers found it extremely difficult to trade.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Society, SIBA DDS operates without profit and ensures that its customers – over 2300 pubs and stores around the country – receive the best possible choice of ales at the lowest possible prices, delivered in the freshest, most cost effective and environmentally friendly way.

How does it work?
The operation is, like most great ideas, essentially very simple – SIBA DDS receives orders (via EDI, e-mail or telephone) at its office in North Yorkshire, either from the company or direct from the outlet, and distributes them immediately to DDS member brewers all over the country.

Brewers access their orders via a secure intranet facility, delivering the required products directly to the outlet according to the SIBA Delivery Charter.

SIBA DDS reports centrally on all deliveries made and provides consolidated invoices to the company head office, which will then produce any appropriate documentation for the individual outlet.

Like to know more?

Whether you are -

A company seeking competitive advantage from the range of local beers and distinctive support, or

A brewing member of SIBA needing more information on the opportunities offered by DDS, or

A fan of quality, locally-brewed beer looking to find out more about the beers available near you, then

Please contact Rachel Harriott, Operations Manager, at