Finalists 2015

November 10th, 2014

SIBA National Beer Competition 2015


Champion Standard Milds

East Red Squirrel Brewery Limited Red Dawn 3.7
Midlands Malt the Brewer Ltd Malt Dark Ale 3.9
North East Ilkley Brewery Ruby Jane 4.0
North West Watermill Inn & Brewery Blackbeard 3.7
Scotland Loch Ness Brewery MildNESS 3.5
South East Canterbrew Ltd The Merchant’s Ale 4.0
South West RCH Brewery Hewish Mild 3.6
Wales & West Bespoke Brewing Co Ltd Kings Shilling 4.2

Champion Standard Bitters

East Lacons Brewery Encore 3.8
Midlands The Backyard Brewhouse Hoard 3.9
North East Acorn Brewery Barnsley Bitter 3.8
North West Brewsmith Beer Brewsmith Bitter 3.9
Scotland Highland Brewing Co. Island Hopping 3.9
South East 360 Degree Brewing Company Ltd. Pale #39 3.9
South West Dawkins Ales Bristol Blonde 3.8
Wales & West Severn Vale Brewing Co Nibley Ale 3.8

Champion Best Bitters

East Nethergate Brewery Suffolk County 4.0
Midlands Blue Monkey Brewery Right Turn Clyde 4.3
North East Geeves Brewery ClearCut 4.4
North West Brimstage Brewing Co Ltd Scarecrow 4.2
Scotland Loch Lomond Brewery Southern Summit 4.0
South East Goddards Brewery Wight Squirrel 4.3
South West Quantock Brewery Wills Neck 4.3
Wales & West Salopian Brewery Dariwn’s Origin 4.3

Champion Premium Bitters

East Brewsters Brewing Company Rutterkin 4.6
Midlands Shiny Brewing Company Ltd Affinity 4.6
North East The Nook Brewhouse Blond 4.5
North West Worsthorne Brewing Co. Ltd Old Trout 4.5
Scotland Highland Brewing Co. Pale Ale 4.7
South East Tonbridge Brewery Union Pale 4.7
South West Coastal Brewery Poseidon extra 4.5
Wales & West Salopian Brewery Hoptwister 4.5

Champion Strong Bitters

East 8 Sail Brewery Old Colony 5.3
Midlands Totally Brewed The 4 Hopmen of the Apocalypse 5.2
North East Allendale Brewery APA 5.5
North West Peerless Brewing Knee Buckler 5.2
Scotland Loch Ness Brewery HoppyNESS 5.0
South East Dorking Brewery Red India Ale 5.0
South West Penpont Brewery Graffiti IPA 5.2
Wales & West Gloucester Brewery Galaxy 5.2

Champion Premium Strong Beers

East Tring Brewery Death or Glory Ale 7.2
Midlands Flipside Brewery Ltd Russian Rouble 7.3
North East Elland Brewery 1872 Porter 6.5
North West Frederic Robinson Limited Old Tom Strong Ale 8.5
Scotland Fyne Ales Sublime Stout 6.8
South East Weltons Brewery Churchillian 6.6
South West Teignworthy Brewery Ltd Imperial Russian Porter 10.5
Wales & West Salopian Brewery Automaton 7.0

Champion Porters, Strong Milds, Old Ales & Stouts

East Oakham Ales Black Hole Porter 5.5
Midlands Loose Cannon Brewing Company Porter 5.0
North East Brass Castle Brewery Burnout 5.8
North West Woodlands Brewing Company Midnight Stout 4.4
Scotland Cairngorm Brewery Company Black Gold 4.4
South East Binghams Brewery Doodle Stout 5.0
South West Tavy Ales Porter 5.2
Wales & West North Cotswold Brewery Hung Drawn ‘N’ Portered 5.0

Champion Speciality Beers

East Mauldons – The Black Adder Brewery Blackberry Porter 4.8
Midlands Grafton Brewing Company Apricot Jungle 48
North East Slightly Foxed Brewing Co. Flying Fox 4.5
North West Peerless Brewing Jinja Ninja 4.0
Scotland Tryst Brewery Double Chocolate Porter 4.4
South East Binghams Brewery Vanilla Stout 5.0
South West Mighty Hop Brewery Happy Daze 4.1
Wales & West Stonehouse Brewery Wheeltapper’s Wheat Beer 4.5

Champion Bottled Bitters (Up to 4.9%)

East Barrel & Sellers Limited Best Bitter 4.5
Midlands Dancing Duck Brewery DCUK 4.3
North East Allendale Brewery Pennine Pale 4.0
North West Blackedge Brewing Company Ltd IPA 4.7
Scotland Harviestoun Brewery Broken Dial 4.5
South East The Oakleaf Brewing Co. Ltd. Nuptu’Ale 4.2
South West Bath Ales Ltd Golden Hare 4.4
Wales & West Heavy Industry Brewing Nelsons Eye 4.5

Champion Bottled Bitters (over 5%)

East Grain Brewery Ltd India Pale Ale 6.5
Midlands Blue Monkey Brewery Infinity +1 5.6
North East Brass Castle Brewery Sunshine 5.7
North West Watermill Inn & Brewery W’Ruff Night 5.0
Scotland Loch Lomond Brewery Bravehop Amber 6.0
South East West Berkshire Brewery Dr Hexter’s Healer 5.0
South West Ramsbury Brewery Belapur Ipa 5.5
Wales & West Heavy Industry Brewing Collaborator 5.0
Champion Bottled Gold Beers
East Barrel & Sellers Limited India Pale Ale 6.0
Midlands Blue Monkey Brewery Right Turn Clyde 4.3
North East The Nook Brewhouse Blond 4.5
North West Brightside Brewing Company Manchester Skyline Golden Ale 4.6
Scotland Black Wolf Brewery Gold Digger 4.2
South East Hastings Brewery Handmade No 15: Mosaic Pale Ale 4.8
South West St Austell Brewery Big Job 7.2
Wales & West Salopian Brewery Oracle 4.0
Champion Bottled Speciality Beers
East Green Jack Brewing Co Ltd Flower Power 6.0
Midlands Slater’s Ales Queen Bee 4.2
North East Mordue Brewery Killswitch 51 5.0
North West Lancaster Brewery Lemongrass 4.0
Scotland Barney’s Beer Red Rye 4.5
South East Goddards Brewery Quarr Abbey Ale 6.5
South West Dorset Brewing Company Silent Knight 5.9
Wales & West Monty’s Brewery Masquerade 4.6

Champion Bottled Porters, Stouts, Old Ales & Strong Milds
East 8 Sail Brewery Victorian Porter 5.0
Midlands Flipside Brewery Ltd. Russian Rouble 7.3
North East Ilkley Brewery The Mayan 6.5
North West Southport Brewery Ltd Old Shrimper 5.5
Scotland Highland Brewing Co. Orkney Porter 9.0
South East By The Horns Brewing Co. Lambeth Walk 5.1
South West Moor Beer Old Freddy Walker 7.4
Wales & West Bespoke Brewing Co Ltd Money for Old Rope 4.8