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1.Effective capacity: 1000L, total capacity: 1300L
2.Dimension: ∮1210×H2550mm
3.Dimple plate Jacket cooling; fully jacketed for glycol to flow around body and cone
5.Insulation thickness:80mm
6.Dimple plate cooling jacket:1.5mm
7.Interior thickness:3mm
8.Exterior thickness:2mm
9.Dished head and taper angle 60°
10.Side manhole
11.Working pressure: 2Bar
12.Dry hop adding port
13. With carbonation stone
14.Inner tank mechanical polishing and out Plate Surface protection ribbon polished on welds.
15.With Solenoid valve,breathing valve,mechanical pressure regulating valve,sample valve,and accessories matched
16.Brushed outer shell, SUS304
17.Spraying Balls 360°comprehensive cleaning
18.PT 100
19.Clamp connect

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