Complete 10 brl ex-Firkin Brewery plus two large dairy tanks & cooling system & loads of extras

£ 30,000.00
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Option to take on the current site and complete the installation with favourable lease terms if interested. Rural location next to hop gardens and good transport links.
Mash Tun - 2000L
HLT - 2000L
CLT - 2000L
Copper-lidded Kettle - 2200L
Control panels for MT HLT Kettle and FVs
5 x dish bottom FVs - wood clad - 2000L
4 x 5brl grundy tanks with cooling & pressure manifolds - 800L
2 x 5brl grundy tanks CIP - Stainless 800L
2 x 2.5brl grundy tanks - Stainless 800L
7 x UCON transport/storage tanks - Stainless 1000L
Cask washer & control panel
Various pumps hose connectors, sprayballs, spares & seals
2 x ICS chillers
Dairy Tanks:
1 x 24 brl - 4000L
1 x 42 brl - 6700L
Control Panel & ICS chiller
Puma Pump

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