1.75 BBL Micro Brewery Plant with x3 Stainless Steel Fermenters (No VAT)

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The plant is a full end to end production system and produces 7 Firkins of product per brew cycle and is a complete kit that can be picked up and fitted as a turn key solution. The plant has been adapted to fit into a 4m x 4m space where all the operations from brewing to casking can be completed and has been optimised to remove dead time for maximum efficiency.
The plant consists of the following:
HLT – 400 litres capacity with a automated heating control system. Mash Tun – Potential to mash a 7% to 8% beer, sparge arm, false bottom, underback, Chugger pump with flexible hose for transfer to boiler. Boiler – Approx. 320 litres with 16amp and 32amp elements. Fermenters – x3 Stainless Steel conical fermenters with cooling jackets.

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