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SIBA International Brewing Membership

SIBA International Brewing Membership is open to independent breweries outside of the UK and includes a range of membership benefits, including access to the SIBA International Beer Awards.

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SIBA launches a Seasonal Beer campaign for its members

SIBA has launched a new seasonal beer marketing campaign to help our members promote what they are planning over the next 12 months

SIBA launches a Seasonal Beer campaign for its members.

SIBA has launched a seasonal beer programme to help promote all of the exciting things members have planned.

The first season campaign, SIBA Autumn of Beer, will run from 22nd September to 21st December 2015.

We would like you to tell us about the new brews you are launching, charity events you are organising, new ingredients you are using, new innovative projects your brewery are introducing, different styles of beers you are brewing etc etc. The objective is to get more positive exposure for British craft breweries.

As encouraged in previous alerts, one hook to this campaign may be to run a beer festival at your brewery during Cask Ale Week, 24th September to 4th October to show case the range of beers. Invite your local community, including licensees and media, to come along and show-off the excellent beers their local brewery has to offer.

We will set up an area on the website and put a marketing plan into place to communicate these great stories to all of the appropriate parties.
All you have to do is title your email ‘SIBA Autumn of Beer’ and email the content and images to . We will do the rest.