SIBA South West Region

Representatives to the South West Region:

Paul Arrowsmith

Paul Arrowsmith (Chair of the Region)

Isca Ales

Born in the boarder lands of South Cheshire and North Shropshire in a small village called Betley which is on the edge of the county of Staffordshire.

After completing Dairy Farm management at Reasheath Agricultural college in Nantwich he stayed in the locality working on very large dairy herds and various management systems, soon getting involved and taking greater interest in farm animal welfare, after intensive practical and animal legislation training moved to London as an area inspector for the RSPCA.

After many years in London Paul moved to the west country and with a mind for business eventually bought the Gidleys brewery in the Teign Valley and having success with some of his ales he chose to join SIBA and their crusade to represent the smallest of brewers and started to help with the events that showcase the best of the South west ales that SIBA SW hold annually.

With two children living and working in London Paul now lives on the top of Dartmoor keeping his feet well and truly on the ground .. 

Alan Collyer

Exeter Brewery