SIBA Craft Beer Report 2022

Read the SIBA Craft Beer Report 2022, in association with Croxsons.

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SIBA International Brewing Membership

SIBA International Brewing Membership is open to independent breweries outside of the UK and includes a range of membership benefits, including access to the SIBA International Beer Awards.

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Please note: SIBA cannot be held responsible for Sales and Purchases made via the Classified Ad section on our website or the accuracy of adverts or the quality of goods or services offered. Sales & Purchases are made at your own risk and SIBA are not involved in any transaction between you and an advertiser.
April 2019 SIBA are aware of potential fraudulent activity by 3rd parties, via the Classified section on the SIBA Website.
Anonymous persons have contacted a small number of sellers who have advertised equipment for sale on the Classified section of the SIBA website.
The nature as follows:
Owner of the Classified Ad receives an email from, what looks to be a genuine email account, offering to send a cheque exceeding the total value of the goods they wish to purchase for themselves or a family member/friend; the extra amount to pay for shipping which the ‘seller’ is then required to send by bank transfer to account details supplied. Whilst SIBA do not have control over users contacting sellers due to the website being accessible by the public; we can not stress enough, the importance of being vigilant when selling and purchasing via the site.
Just to reassure you, the majority of transactions are genuine and in fact, are becoming more popular by SIBA Members and non-members.

Image Specification
A Maximum of 4 images can be uploaded to each Classified Ad
Specifications as follows
Images must be in one of the following formats: png, jpg, jpeg, pipeg, gif
Each individual image must be
A Maximum file size per image 1MB
A Width 640 pixels
A Height – 480 pixels
Images wider/taller than the above specifications will automatically resized upon upload

Placing a Classified Ad is free of charge to SIBA Members only. Should you not be a SIBA Member, but wish to place an ad, please contact There will be a charge of £75.00 + vat for non-members.