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Supplier Associate Case Study: Fileder offers rough filtration solution for kegged beer

Fileder Filter Systems, one of the UK’s leading filtration and water treatment supplier, has provided Navigation Brewery with a solution that has assisted their process of filtering their keg beer. Navigation Brewery, based in Nottingham, produce a wide range of cask ales and craft keg beers. The brewery opened in 2012 and now has a […]

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Kegstar Media Update

SIBA BeerX – Off the back of a successful BeerX the Kegstar business continues to be inundated with opportunities to work closer with many more terrific breweries and SIBA members, both in the UKI and oversees. They really appreciate the time everyone took to come and see the team on the day, share a beer […]

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Drink-IT is staffing up to meet the growing demand for making beverage a better business

Drink-IT is continuing the successful journey and is staffing up its sales and marketing organisation internationally to meet growing demands from the beverage industry. Onboarding three new sales and marketing professionals Drink-IT is a leading provider of beverage industry software solutions. We are pleased to announce that we are staffing up our sales and marketing […]

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Beer Swapping Revolution!

If you want to buy/sell beer from/to other breweries to expand your portfolio for your customers, then the process just became a whole lot easier! The inter brewery trading portal for beer swapping, has today been updated with some significant changes to simplify the process for breweries using the site – all based on […]

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THE GREENCASK appears to be bringing sexy back

What’s sexy about a vessel that carries liquid from A to B you may ask? If you pose that question to Emmerald the reply would swiftly be ‘THE NEW GENERATION GREENCASK’. Manufacturer in HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) to fully food approved standards, its ISO 9001 certified precision construction ensures many years of reliable service. Their […]

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Significantly reduce the cost of microbial stabilization, whilst protecting the sensory appeal of your beer

Parker domnick hunter launch BEVPOR BR filter cartridges for cold stabilization applications, designed for longer service life and ease of integrity testing. The new range of BEVPOR BR filter cartridges from Parker domnick hunter allow brewers to significantly reduce the cost of microbial stabilisation, whilst protecting the sensory appeal of beer. Constructed with a unique […]

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