May, 2019

Are Generation Z the future of craft beer? Report says they’ll drink less, but better

The consumer love affair with craft beer appears far from over, with industry experts predicting the next generation will be “drinking less, but better” – choosing quality products such as local independent craft beers over mainstream, mass-produced brews. As the Millennial generation (currently aged 23-38) gives way to Generation Z (currently aged under 22) more […]

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SIBA comments on Scottish Government announcement on DRS

Commenting on the Scottish Government announcement, made today by Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham on introducing Deposit Return Schemes for drinks containers in Scotland, James Calder, Head of Public Affairs said: “Whilst craft brewers are keen to do their bit for the environment, this announcement is worrying for small independent brewers who sell beer in Scotland. […]

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Cullercoats Brewery and Ossett Brewery awarded best independent craft beers in the North East

Cullercoats Brewery in North Shields and Ossett Brewery in West Yorkshire have taken the two top spots in the Society of Independent Brewers’ SIBA North East Independent Beer Awards, which took place yesterday (3rdMay), with beer judging taking place throughout the day until the awards presentation at Gateshead Beer & Music Festival, which continues today. Cullercoats Brewery […]

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