April, 2017

Derby Brewing Co increases the level of equity on offer

Following the announcement that Derby Brewing Co have launched a crowd funding campaign on Crowdcube, the level of interest has been overwhelming with over £125,000 invested within days of the campaign becoming live. Speaking of the launch, director Paul Harris commented: “The support shown and positive feedback for our future ideas has been fantastic in […]

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Lost Grains Beer: A story is brewing in the Channel Islands

A beer that includes traces of rare historical grains; A grain of barley that botanists protected with their lives during the siege of Leningrad, a grain of rye that was found between two floorboards of a riihi sauna in Finland, once used by Forest Finns to dry their crops, a grain of emmer from the […]

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THE GREENCASK appears to be bringing sexy back

What’s sexy about a vessel that carries liquid from A to B you may ask? If you pose that question to Emmerald the reply would swiftly be ‘THE NEW GENERATION GREENCASK’. Manufacturer in HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) to fully food approved standards, its ISO 9001 certified precision construction ensures many years of reliable service. Their […]

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Looking for the Liver-Beerds

The women and beer group, Dea Latis, is holding a beer and food tasting evening at The Old Blind School on Hardman Street on Thursday 13th April from 7.30pm. Led by the award-winning Beer Sommelier and beer training expert, Annabel Smith, guests will enjoy fascinating insight into women’s involvement in beer and brewing as well […]

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