Some of the major challenges for brewers are to make safe quality beer that maintains consumer confidence, while meeting retailer expectations and minimising both costs and wastage. This has been achieved in many microbreweries by using a simple rapid test, to determine the hygienic quality of their production equipment and working surface areas. Langham Brewery […]

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How green is your beer? Cool World Consulting launches the world’s first carbon footprint calculator for beer and breweries

Cool World Consulting has developed the world’s first carbon calculator for beer and breweries. This calculator offers breweries a quick and affordable way to measure the impact of their organisation and products.   This calculator is based on the learning from an in-depth research project with The Kernel Brewery, which assessed and compared the whole […]

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Drinking a local craft beer isn’t just good for your taste buds – it’s good for your carbon footprint too

The first published carbon footprint assessment of a beer by a small craft brewery – a Pale Ale produced by The Kernel brewery – has shown there are many carbon-saving benefits of drinking a local beer, such as the Kernel Pale Ale, as opposed to a big-brand lager. This news is unlikely to sway the average lager-drinker […]

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