Membership Criteria Review (2016-2018)

SIBA’s Membership Criteria Review – Published 17th July 2018 

SIBA has now completed a two year review of its Membership Criteria to ensure that the Society is representative of the diversity of British independent brewers which share common values and principles.

The SIBA Board has listened to members and consulted widely in establishing the revised membership criteria. 

SIBA will continue to champion the smallest brewing businesses as the inclusive and representative voice of British independent brewing. SIBA membership is open to all British independent breweries brewing up to 1% of the UK beer market which share our values and principles. 1% of the UK beer market is currently approximately 430,000HL. Global breweries are no longer able to join SIBA in any capacity and the Associate Brewing categoryhas been scrapped.  

Those brewing between 200,000HL and 1% of the UK Beer Market will have the opportunity to apply for a new Level 6 membership. These applications will receive special analysis to make sure the applicant reflects SIBA’s values and principles set out in the Members’ Charter. All members have equal status – one member, one vote.

SIBA members via the regions, in line with SIBA’s ‘Membership Processing’ protocols (Members Handbook, Appendix 6, Point 4), and special vetting analysis by the representative Board will remain in control of which brewing businesses become members of SIBA.

The Board recognises that the majority of members are very small businesses and SIBA continues to be committed to supporting smaller brewing members e.g. SIBA’s recent Small Breweries’ Relief work to protect the 50% discount beer duty rate for those brewing up to 5,000HL while proposing reforms to SBR to promote growth. SIBA will continue to deliver and further develop focused membership benefits to the smallest businesses, which represent the majority of our members.

The SIBA Board has led the way to ensure SIBA is the voice of British independent brewing businesses with a practical and inclusive way forward which ensures members remain in control. SIBA will only represent independent British breweries. 

A Q&A document on the Membership Criteria Review can be viewed by clicking here.