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7 years old Oban Ales kit. Although designed to produce 10-barrels of beer, we have been pushing it to get 2000L in FV. Selling due to new brewery being commissioned in mid March 2024
3000L HLT: 1 x 16kW electrical elements, Lowara pump, 1” RJT hose, recirculation arm.
Mash tun: Wedge wire floor Lowara transfer pump, under back, sparging arm. Comfortably holds 350kg of grain, can be brim filled with 400kg.
2500L Kettle: 2 x 16kW electrical elements, 73 plate heat exchanger, 2.2kw Brewmaster transfer pump, 3m 1.5” RJT flanged RJT hose, hop filter. Modified to allow recirculation and dilution for whirlpooling and hop stands.
3000L CLT: 2.2kw Brewmaster transfer pump for CIPs and wort cooling.
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