15 BBL LPG gas brewery 9pence per KWH

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£ 40,000.00
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15 Barrel Brewery LPG GAS

3000L Kettle with heating coil - LPG gas burner from bottles
Mash tun
5000L HLT with 50KW recirculating gas heating system. LPG
Stainless pipework with pump
Heat Exchanger

Kettle has a Riello LPG gas burner costing approx 9 - 11pence per KWH saving thousands in energy costs per year. All that is needed are LPG gas bottles and a 13 amp socket for the burners to start. It uses a max 1 x 47kg bottle per brew at approx £80.

Energy price comparison below - only kerosene is currently cheaper.


This system has a separate gas heating system outside the HLT that recirculates the water through it to heat up. It has a valve system to red

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