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1----Brew House System
-Capacity 100L-5000L, 1bbl-40bbl.
- Steam heated, electrical heated or natural gas.
-Mash tun with mixer, steam jacket, VFD motor, insulated 80mm. Stainless steel 304.
-Lauter tun with rake system, milled false bottom, sparging spray ring,VFD motor, insulated 80mm.
-Boiling kettle with steam jacket, inner heated option, insulated 80mm. Stainless steel 304.
-Whirlpool with Tangential whirlpool inlet. insulated 80mm. Stainless steel 304.
-Insulated HLT and CLT with the pipelines and pumps.
-External grant, hops back, heat exchanger. Wort oxygenation system, working platform.
-All the necessary pipelines and pumps.
3.Cooling System
4.Control System

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