Following Government advice to avoid pubs and other social venues during the Coronavirus outbreak, the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) has partnered with CAMRA and Crowdfunder to help pubs, clubs, breweries, taprooms and cider producers during these difficult times.

The #PullingTogether campaign aims to publicise innovative ways that pubs, breweries, cider makers and taprooms are staying afloat, such as by launching a new online shop, offering beer or cider takeaways or providing redeemable gift vouchers for locals. It also hopes to put the public in touch with local initiatives in their community.

Independent breweries and taprooms can get involved by visiting www.camra.org.uk/pullingtogether/ or by clicking the link below. The page also features an interactive map where the public can search for businesses near them.

Launching the campaign, SIBA’s Chief Executive James Calder said, “This is the single biggest threat to the beer and pubs industry in a lifetime and we are doing everything we can to help pubs, independent breweries, and supplier companies weather the storm and come out the other side. We are delighted to be working with CAMRA on this cross-industry campaign and would encourage every brewery in the UK to get involved and engage with people in their local area keen to support them.  Independent breweries are embedded in their communities and keeping that link between people and their local brewery taproom or pub during the Coronavirus outbreak is hugely important.”
Crowdfunder offer free fundraising for small businesses during Covid-19 Pandemic
Crowdfunder are also involved in the campaign, helping to promote opportunities for the brewing and pubs industry to tap into local funding during the period of crisis to tide them over. The idea is simple, small businesses that may be worried about their future can set-up a Pay it Forward campaign offering customers the option to book meals, a room for the night or a ticket to an event now, based on a promise to deliver in the future.

Crowdfunder have waived all usual fees to ensure that 100% of the money raised goes to the businesses raising money, and that the money is available almost immediately. For more information visit https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/pay-it-forward