SIBA International Beer Awards

International Brewing Members of SIBA can enter beer into the SIBA International Beer Awards across a variety of international recognised style categories, all judged by some of the UK’s most experienced beer judges, Beer Sommeliers, and Master Brewers.

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Entries close date for entries 13th January 2023.

Beers are judged to style and on an individual basis, with each beer being given a score based upon its own quality rather than comparing it to another beer in the flight being judged. 

Judges award medals to the best beers based upon the scoring structure below, taking into account: AromaFlavourPresentation (colour, head retention, carbonation), Overall Quality, & Saleability (please note: Saleability does not mean sessionability).

Highly experienced Lead Judges record scores for each judging table and compile written feedback for every beer entered into the awards to ensure you as an entering brewery are getting the most value possible from the judging process.

Beer Score Banding: Medals available


90+ exceptional: Seamless in its structure and shows great individual character. As good as a beer can be. You’d definitely drink this again & highly recommend it. 


80-89 excellent: Well balanced and complex. Beer should have superb aroma & taste. You would definitely drink this beer again. 


70-79 good: These beers show decent balance and elements of complexity; yet do not have the quality sufficient to elevate them to the next stage. You would enthusiastically choose to drink this beer again & would recommend it to others. 

(Scores below 70 do not earn a medal but will receive full written judges’ feedback).


Beer Style Categories

Click the above image to download the full awards category pdf

Non-Alcoholic & Low ABV
Amber & Dark Lager
Wheat Beer
Pale Ale (5.5% and under)
IPA (5.6% to 7.4%)
Double & Triple IPA (7.5% and over)
Speciality IPA
Amber, Brown & Red Ale
Stout & Porter (6.4% and under)
Imperial & Strong Ale (6.5% and over)
Sour & Wild Ale
Belgian, French & Trappist Ale
Speciality & Flavoured Beer

Enter the Awards

The SIBA International Beer Awards will be judged at BeerX UK in March 2023, with winners announced at the event, 16th March 2023, for more information email

Click here to enter the SIBA International Beer Awards (members only)