10BBL Full working brewery via Steam Generation

£ 96,750.00
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Full working 10BBL brewery

Option to take over site (current site with lease to August 2025, with expected renewal beyond)

Brewhouse powered by Babcock Wanson steam generator (currently run by Kerosene, but can be converted to gas)
x2 10BBL Vessel Brewhouse (mash lauter + kettle whirlpool), both steam jacketed
x1 flexible auger
x1 50HL Hot Water tank, steam jacketed
x1 Heat exchanger
x4 16HL Fermenters, glycol chilled
x1 5HL Glycecol Tank
x2 external chillers + chill room
x1 100L CIP unit
x1 Cask Washer
x1 Stainless steel work bench & sink
x1 Cask Washer
Other accessories

Valuation of equipment at £96,750 (ex. VAT)

Note: payment by bank transfer only, no cheques accepted

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