SIBA Jobs: Non-executive Director (Finance) SIBA

Non-executive Director (Finance) SIBA

Job Description: Non-executive Director (Finance)
Role Type: Non-Executive Director
Responsible to: Executive Chair and Board of SIBA
Term: 3 years


SIBA, the Society of Independent Brewers, was founded in 1980 and represents around 750 British independent craft brewers across the UK, our vision is to deliver the future of British beer as the voice of British independent brewing.

SIBA also represents 300 supplier businesses – from hop merchants and maltsters, to container suppliers and brewery fabricators.

SIBA offers brewing members a range of benefits, including Government lobbying, entry into our beer awards, compliance advice, a variety of brewery business tools, promotional opportunities and practical guides which pull together essential legislative advice for brewers on everything from bottle and can labelling, to dealing with changes in the law. As part of our #Delivering for Brewers we continue to add new member benefits on a monthly basis.

SIBA Commercial Services Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SIBA, Beerflex DDS operates without profit and ensures that its customers – over 2,300 pubs and stores across Britain – receive the best possible prices, with beer delivered in the freshest, most cost effective and environmentally friendly way. Beerflex currently buys over 3,500 draught and bottled beers from around 500 participating SIBA brewers and sells them on national pub companies and off-trade retailers – companies with which, until the establishment of Beerflex, brewers of local beers found it extremely difficult to trade with.

Role Purpose

Your role is to help develop the strategic direction of SIBA the trade body and its commercial wholly owned subsidiary , to monitor performance, to help set remuneration for the Executive Directors, to help develop the organisation and provide advice through your network of  potentially useful contacts, to ensure good governance and to satisfy yourself on the integrity of financial information and that financial controls and systems of risk management are robust and defensible.

For this particular role we are also looking for a financial background to help oversee the financial affairs of both SIBA the Trade Association and SIBA Commercial Services, ensuring the integrity of financial information sent to SIBA’s Executive Committee and Board. Supporting the Chief Executive and Financial Controller, you will be the ‘third pillar’ in SIBA’s ‘tripartite’ financial oversight structure. You will also have mentoring and Professional Development responsibilities with the Financial Controller and will also take a supporting role with the Chief Executive and Financial Controller on the annual audit (now limited assurance) process and preparation of annual accounts.

Organisational Structure

The Non-Executive Director (finance) will report to the Chairman of the Executive and the Chairman of the SIBA Board. The Non-Executive Director (finance) will sit as a full member of SIBA’s Board which sets the strategic direction of the organisation and the Executive Committee, which governs the day to day running of the organisation scrutinising the work of the Chief Executive.

Key Responsibilities

  • Take the strategic lead on ensuring accounting and auditing systems are robust, secure and fit for purpose
  • Work with the Chief Executive and Financial Controller to prepare annual Budgets and present accurate and timely financial information at each Board meeting and to key stakeholders
  • Work with Financial Controller and Chief Executive to ensure that all regulatory requirements of statutory bodies are met regarding the company’s financial affairs.
  • Mentoring and professional development role, supporting the Financial Controller

Regular Annual Commitments

  • 5 annual meetings of the SIBA executive
  • 3 annual meetings of the SIBA Board
  • Attendance at SIBA’s AGM
  • Meetings with Chief Executive and Financial Controller as appropriate in person or zoom


The position of Non-Executive Director (finance) is reimbursed on a day rate of £750 including preparation for key meetings, with an hourly rate applying for other work agreed with the Chair or Chief Executive plus reasonable travel and accommodation expenses also claimable.

Main Role Requirements Knowledge and Experience: 

  • Experience or knowledge of working in the Hospitality industry desirable
  • Member of a recognised professional accounting body or holder of an equivalent qualification
  • Experienced non-executive director with demonstrable experience in similar organisations
  • Experience of working on or with a Board or management committee
  • Working knowledge of financial systems for recording and reporting
  • Uphold high standards of integrity
  • Support other Directors of SIBA
  • Question intelligently, debate constructively, challenge rigorously and make decisions objectively
  • Listen sensitively to the views of others


Please apply to the Company Secretary Sara Knox ( enclosing a full cv and a personal statement on how your application fits the role by Friday 18th Sept at 5pm. Successful shortlisted candidates will be interviewed for the role.


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