COVID-19 Archive

This page contains updates from the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) page which are generally older than one month and may be no longer relevant.

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Previous updates:


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9 April: SIBA’s latest advice email – link
9 April: BBPA has published best practice for the destruction of beer in pub cellars – link
9 April: SIBA has co-signed a letter to the Treasury asking for a deferment of excise duty payments – link
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1 April: Coronavirus (COVID-19): business support grant funding – GOV guidance for businesses


31 March: Flexibility on Destruction of Beer in Pub Cellars – an update from HMRC
30 March: SIBA’s latest advice email – link
27 March: SIBA’s latest advice email – link
27 March: Guidance for employers on the coronavirus (COVID-19) Job Retention Scheme is now available here
26 March: SIBA’s response to Chancellor announcement & support email – link
25 March: SIBA’s advice email – link
25 March: The Government clarified its guidance on the closure of retailers, and after pressure from SIBA and other industry bodies has confirmed that ‘off-licenses and licensed shops selling alcohol, including those within breweries” are exceptions to the closures.
This means that if you have a bottle shop or taproom selling beer for takeaway you can remain open. Online shops and delivery can also remain open and breweries should ensure they follow the Government’s safety guidelines.
24 March: Chancellor confirms that March Beer Duty payment will not be cancelled. See our response here.
24 March: SIBA’s latest advice email, please click here.
23/24 March: Prime Minister introduces new restrictions on the UK. All ‘non essential’ shops to shut.
23 March: SIBA calls on Treasury to cancel beer duty payment in ’24 hours to save British brewing’ press release.
23 March: Government Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme goes live. For details, please click here. 
22 March: Government guidance on further social distancing measures for businesses.
22 March: Government sets out enforcement powers for business that do not comply with social distancing measures, including unlimited fines. Businesses could also face the loss of their alcohol license.
20 March: Government publishes guidance for businesses on social distancing measures. “Those venues offering takeaway or delivery services must not include alcoholic beverages in this list if their license does not already permit. Any forthcoming changes to licensing for delivery and takeaway will be clearly communicated by the government.”
20 March: Cask Marque Guide to bar and cellar closures process (2MB). Covering cask and keg beer, this is an excellent guide created by the expert Cask Marque assessor team and Avanti Solutions. If you are closing down your taproom, pub or bar then this guide tells you how to do it safely and hygienically so that when you do need to use it again it will still be in perfect condition.
20 March: The British Business Bank has released initial information about how the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme, announced by the Chancellor earlier in the week will work. For full details please click here.
19 March: SIBA, CAMRA & Crowdfunder Launched the #PullingTogether campaign to help beer lovers buy beer from breweries, taprooms & pubs Ain their local area who are offering local delivery or takeout services. For more information visit
19 March: Latest advice to brewers – link
18 March: Template letter to write to your MP launched – link
17 March: SIBA comment on Government’s economic statement raises more questions than it answers –
16 March: SIBA response to Government guidance on Coronavirus –