The very best “Wales & West” beers revealed in cask, keg, and bottle in region’s last ever competition

Salopian Brewery, Stroud Brewery, and Vale of Glamorgan Brewery (VOG) have taken home the three top spots in one of the UK’s biggest beer competitions – the SIBA Wales & West Independent Beer Awards 2024. 

Salopian Brewery was named the best of the best in the cask beer competition, taking the Overall Champion Gold Award, with Stroud Brewery overall winners in keg, and VOG Brewery being named overall champs in the Bottle & Can awards.

The awards are run by the Society of Independent Brewers and Associates prior to the opening of the popular SIBA Ludlow Beer Festival at Ludlow Castle and judge the best independent craft beers across a variety of style categories before overall ‘Gold Champions’ are selected in the seperate ‘Cask’, ‘Keg’, and ‘Bottle & Can’ competitions. 

Salopian Brewery’s ‘Port in a Storm’, a 4.7% Porter which wowed judges in the British Dark Beers category before going on to beat the other cask category winners in the final round judging.

Collecting the award for Overall Cask Champion was Salopian Founder Wilf Nelson, who had this to say on their win; “Really, really chuffed, it’s our last year in Wales and West and we have always loved being a part of the region. We are seen as the most active region of SIBA and will miss it. Whilst I’m looking forward to the Midlands, I am really proud to have won on our last appearance in the Wales & West competition.”

A change in the SIBA Regional boundaries means Wales will go it alone as a standalone region in next years awards, with the ‘West’ brewers in England now moving into SIBA’s Midlands region, making these that last ‘SIBA Wales & West’ Awards.

The second big winner of the day was Stroud Brewery’s ‘Big Cat’ in the Keg beer competition, a 4.5% stout brewed with all organic ingredients. Mike Powell from Stroud accepted the award; “We’re very proud, there has been a lot of awards awarded today which shows there’s a lot of good beer and the level gets better every year, so to be an overall champion is amazing. We’re humbled. We are really pleased for the other winners as well.”

Making it a trio of dark beers to win the day’s top awards it was Vale of Glamorgan (VOG Brewery) who were named the best bottle or canned beer with their hefty 11.5% ‘Sith Order Barrel Strength’ imperial stout. Craig Edmunds of VOG commented; “Really chuffed, we won champion cask last year so winning champion bottle this year is amazing. It’s a big beer, 11.5% and aged in Penderyn whiskey barrels.”

SIBA’s National Competitions Committee Chair Anneli Baxter, and Director in the Midlands region, praised the quality of this year’s winners; “The SIBA Wales & West Independent Beer Awards are not only our biggest judging of this awards season – with three packed cask, keg and bottle & can competitions taking place together – but they are the last year before Wales seperates into its own new SIBA region. So huge congratulations to all of this year’s brewers who have taken home Gold in these historic awards. Good luck to those who become part of the Wales region next year, and welcome to the Midlands region to the rest!”

The SIBA Wales & West Independent Beer Awards judge a huge range of beers across a number of styles before the winners from each category go forward to an ‘Overall Champions’ final. All of the category winners will now go forwards to the National Finals at BeerX in Liverpool early next year, to battle it out against winning beers from across the UK.

Award winners & judging images: Click here

Full Winners List

 CLASS BreweryProductABVAwardCategory Champion
 Overall Champion of the Cask Beer Competition Salopian BreweryPort in a Storm4.7 GOLD  
 Overall Champion of the Cask Beer Competition Gwaun Valley BreweryTraditional Porter4.2 SILVER  
 Overall Champion of the Cask Beer Competition Gower Brewery Gower Power5.5 BRONZE  
 Overall Champion of the Keg Beer Competition Stroud BreweryBig Cat4.5 GOLD  
 Overall Champion of the Keg Beer Competition Bewdley Brewery TA Wild River Brew CoSabrina 4.0 SILVER  
 Overall Champion of the Keg Beer Competition Magic Dragon Brewing Border Bitter3.8 BRONZE  
 Overall Champion of the Bottle & Can Beer Competition VOG BrewerySith Order Barrel Strength11.5 GOLD  
 Overall Champion of the Bottle & Can Beer Competition Salopian BreweryDarwins Origin4.3 SILVER  
 Overall Champion of the Bottle & Can Beer Competition Bragdy Twt Lol // The Trefforest BreweryTwti Ffrwti4.0 BRONZE  
 Cask Session Dark Beers (up to 4.4%) 
 Gwaun Valley BreweryTraditional Porter4.2 GOLD Category Champion
Magic Dragon Brewing Old Magic3.6 SILVER  
Hobsons BreweryThe Champion3.2 BRONZE  
 Cask British Dark Beers (4.5 to 6.4%) 
 Salopian BreweryPort in a Storm4.7 GOLD Category Champion
North Cotswold BreweryHung, Drawn ‘n’ Portered5.0 SILVER  
RowtonFull Moon6.2 BRONZE  
 Cask British Bitter (up to 4.4%) 
 Sponsored by Rankin Brothers & Sons Stonehouse Brewery LimitedStation Bitter3.9 GOLD Category Champion
Wye Valley Brewery Wye Valley Bitter3.7 GOLD  
RowtonMeteorite4.2 SILVER  
Bewdley Brewery Red Hill4.4 SILVER  
Ludlow BreweryLudlow Gold4.2 BRONZE  
Salopian BreweryDarwins Origin4.3 BRONZE  
Gloucester BreweryCascade4.2 BRONZE  
Gower Brewery Orginal 4.0 BRONZE  
Glamorgan Brewing CompanyCwrw Gorslas4.0 BRONZE  
The Fresh Standard Brew Co.Horse Brass4.0 BRONZE  
Teme Valley BreweryThat4.1 BRONZE  
Bragdy Twt Lol // The Trefforest BreweryGlog4.0 BRONZE  
Goffs BreweryTournament4.0 BRONZE  
 Cask British Best Bitter (4.5 to 6.4%) 
 Sponsored by Rankin Brothers & Sons Gower Brewery Gower Power5.5 GOLD Category Champion
Salopian BreweryGolden Thread5.0 SILVER  
Cardigan Brewery LtdDai Cockles5.4 SILVER  
Goffs BreweryWhite Knight4.7 BRONZE  
North Cotswold BreweryShagweaver XL5.4 BRONZE  
Mumbles BreweryLifesaver4.9 BRONZE  
 Cask Session Pale Ale (up to 4.4%) 
 Sponsored by Rankin Brothers & Sons Montys BreweryRed IPA4.2 GOLD Category Champion
Bewdley Brewery Baldwin IPA 4.2 SILVER  
North Cotswold BreweryGreen Man IPA4.0 SILVER  
Goffs BreweryLancer3.8 SILVER  
Teme Valley BreweryT’Other3.5 SILVER  
Magic Dragon Brewing Green One4.2 SILVER  
Salopian BreweryOracle4.0 SILVER  
Gloucester BreweryGloucester Gold3.9 SILVER  
Wye Valley Brewery Hopfather3.9 SILVER  
Purple Moose Brewery LtdCwrw Eryri3.6 BRONZE  
Ludlow BreweryBlonde4.0 BRONZE  
Gower Brewery Spring Tide4.2 BRONZE  
Core Of The PoodleSeldom Sober4.0 BRONZE  
Mumbles BreweryMumbles Gold4.3 BRONZE  
Brewhouse & Kitchen CheltenhamColonel Jack4.0 BRONZE  
Gwaun Valley BreweryCwrw Melyn4.0 BRONZE  
 Cask Pale Ales (4.4 to 5.5%) 
 Sponsored by Crisp Malting Group North Cotswold Brewery TA Shakespeare Brewing CoTempest5.0 GOLD Category Champion
Stroud BreweryBudding4.5 SILVER  
Stonehouse Brewery LimitedNickel Wound4.5 SILVER  
Magic Dragon Brewing Hoppy Jester4.5 BRONZE  
Bragdy Twt Lol // The Trefforest BreweryDreigiau’r Diafol // Diablo Dragons5.5 BRONZE  
Ludlow BreweryStairway5.0 BRONZE  
 Cask IPA (5.6 and over) 
 Sponsored by Rankin Brothers & Sons Magic Dragon Brewing Necteron5.6 BRONZE  
VOG BreweryDark Knight6.0 BRONZE  
 Cask Speciality Light Beers 
 Purple Moose Brewery LtdCwrw Ysgawen4.0 BRONZE  
Goffs BreweryJester Brew 23 – Pan-Asian Pale4.1 BRONZE  
 Cask Speciality Amber to Dark Beer 
 Ludlow Brewery TA Derailed Brewing CoSilent Knight4.5 GOLD Category Champion
 Cask Imperial and Strong (6.5% and over) 
 North Cotswold BreweryMillennium Monarch10.0 BRONZE  
 Keg Non-Alcoholic & Low ABV 
 Geipel BrewingZeppelin2.8 GOLD Category Champion
Stroud BreweryEasy Peasy2.6 BRONZE  
 Keg Session Lager (up to 4.4%) 
 Stonehouse Brewery LimitedShark Beach 4.0 GOLD Category Champion
Geipel BrewingAloha from Bala4.4 GOLD  
Cardigan Brewery LtdDai Bach4.0 SILVER  
Bewdley Brewery Laxford Lager4.2 BRONZE  
 Keg Premium Lager (4.5% to 6.4%) 
 Purple Moose Brewery LtdMwsh4.7 GOLD Category Champion
Gloucester BreweryLager4.5 SILVER  
Zerodegrees CardiffThe Bohemian Czech Pilsner4.8 BRONZE  
Wye Valley Brewery 19854.5 BRONZE  
 Keg British Ales (up to 6.4%) 
 Magic Dragon Brewing Border Bitter3.8 GOLD Category Champion
Bewdley Brewery Worcestershire Way3.6 BRONZE  
 Keg Session Pale Ale (up to 4.4%) 
 Bewdley Brewery TA Wild River Brew CoSabrina 4.0 GOLD Category Champion
Cardigan Brewery LtdHazy Dai4.0 SILVER  
Magic Dragon Brewing DR G4.2 BRONZE  
 Keg Pale Ale (4.5% – 5.5%) 
 Gloucester BreweryNEIPA5.2 GOLD Category Champion
Zerodegrees CardiffDowntown Pale Ale4.6 GOLD  
Stroud BreweryHop Drop4.5 SILVER  
Ludlow Brewery TA Derailed Brewing CoNebula5.2 BRONZE  
Bragdy CybiSunshine Dan5.3 BRONZE  
Wild Horse Brewing CoCadence4.5 BRONZE  
 Keg IPA (5.6% to 7.4%) 
 Sponsored by Charles Faram Wild Horse Brewing CoTramcar6.5 GOLD Category Champion
Magic Dragon Brewing Necteron5.6 SILVER  
Brewhouse & Kitchen GloucesterRhapsody6.0 BRONZE  
 Keg Speciality IPA 
 VOG BreweryJacksons Black Oyster Shell IPA6.0 BRONZE  
 Keg Amber, Brown & Red Ale (up to 6.4%) 
 Hobsons BreweryThe Champion3.2 GOLD Category Champion
 Keg Stout & Porter (6.4% and under) 
 Stroud BreweryBig Cat4.5 GOLD Category Champion
Brewhouse & Kitchen CardiffTiger Bay5.4 SILVER  
VOG BreweryMilk Cup4.5 SILVER  
Hobsons BreweryDhustone Stout4.3 BRONZE  
 Keg Imperial & Strong Ale (6.5% and over) 
 VOG BreweryGuy’s not long for this world!8.4 GOLD Category Champion
 Keg Continental Style Beer 
 Bragdy CybiCwrw’r Bae5.6 GOLD Category Champion
Geipel BrewingHefeweizen5.2 GOLD  
 Keg Speciality & Flavoured Beer 
 Hobsons BreweryPlum Porter5.0 GOLD Category Champion
 Bottle & Can Non-Alcoholic & Low ABV 
 Geipel BrewingZeppelin2.8 BRONZE  
 Bottle & Can Session Lager (up to 4.4%) 
 Stonehouse Brewery LimitedShark Beach4.0 BRONZE  
 Bottle & Can Premium Lager (4.5% to 6.4%) 
 Wild Horse Brewing CoTudno Pils5.0 GOLD Category Champion
Purple Moose Brewery LtdMwsh4.7 GOLD  
Zerodegrees CardiffThe Bohemian4.8 GOLD  
Wye Valley Brewery 19854.5 SILVER  
Glamorgan Brewing CompanyWelsh Lager4.5 SILVER  
Cardigan Brewery LtdDai Mawr5.0 BRONZE  
Gloucester BreweryLager4.5 BRONZE  
 Bottle & Can British Ales (up to 6.4%) 
 Salopian BreweryDarwins Origin4.3 GOLD Category Champion
Bragdy Twt Lol // The Trefforest BreweryGlog4.0 SILVER  
Stroud BreweryTom Long3.8 SILVER  
Magic Dragon Brewing Eyton gold4.0 BRONZE  
Ludlow BreweryLudlow Gold4.2 BRONZE  
Clun BreweryGreen Man4.4 BRONZE  
 Bottle & Can Session Pale Ale (up to 4.4%) 
 Bragdy Twt Lol // The Trefforest BreweryTwti Ffrwti4.0 GOLD Category Champion
Wild Horse Brewing CoNokota3.8 SILVER  
Wye Valley Brewery Hopfather3.9 SILVER  
VOG BreweryWales Week London Pale4.0 BRONZE  
The Hop Shed Hop Shed Pale4.0 BRONZE  
Stonehouse Brewery LimitedInto The Wild4.0 BRONZE  
 Bottle & Can Pale Ale (4.5% – 5.5%) 
 Salopian BrewerySabotage5.0 GOLD Category Champion
Glamorgan Brewing CompanyFfresh 4.5 GOLD  
Brew 61Hop On4.5 GOLD  
Ludlow Brewery TA Derailed Brewing CoNebula5.2 GOLD  
Stroud BreweryHop Drop4.5 SILVER  
Purple Moose Brewery LtdAntlered IPA5.2 SILVER  
Gower Brewery Gower Gold4.5 SILVER  
Stonehouse Brewery LimitedRoad Trip5.2 BRONZE  
Gloucester BreweryNew England IPA5.2 BRONZE  
The Hop Shed Leghorn4.8 BRONZE  
Left Bank BreweryZhyto-Rhyg Rye IPA4.5 BRONZE  
 Bottle & Can IPA (5.6% to 7.4%) 
 Gloucester BreweryAmerican Pale6.4 GOLD Category Champion
Mumbles BreweryAlbina5.7 GOLD  
Clun BreweryCitadel5.9 SILVER  
Wild Horse Brewing CoTramcar6.5 SILVER  
Purple Moose Brewery LtdNavigator6.2 SILVER  
Wye Valley Brewery Glorious IPA6.0 BRONZE  
Dog’s Window BreweryNed’s Stick Collection5.9 BRONZE  
 Bottle & Can Speciality IPA 
 Magic Dragon Brewing Black Tiger4.8 GOLD Category Champion
Purple Moose Brewery LtdHigh Hops5.4 BRONZE  
VOG BreweryJacksons Black Oyster Shell IPA6.0 BRONZE  
 Bottle & Can Amber, Brown & Red Ale (up to 6.4%) 
 Ludlow BreweryRed Dawn4.5 GOLD Category Champion
Mumbles BreweryLifesaver4.9 SILVER  
Bewdley Brewery Red Hill4.4 SILVER  
Gloucester BreweryCascade4.2 BRONZE  
Hobsons BreweryBest Bitter3.8 BRONZE  
The Hop Shed Redcap Ruby4.2 BRONZE  
 Bottle & Can Stout & Porter (6.4% and under) 
 Gloucester BreweryDockside Dark5.2 BRONZE  
Gower Brewery Black Diamond4.2 BRONZE  
Purple Moose Brewery LtdBlack Rock Stout4.2 BRONZE  
 Bottle & Can Imperial & Strong Ale (6.5% and over) 
 Geipel BrewingBock6.5 SILVER  
 Bottle & Can Continental Style Beer 
 Dog’s Window BreweryPlay Dead11.0 BRONZE  
 Bottle & Can Speciality & Flavoured Beer 
 VOG BrewerySith Order Barrel Strength11.5 GOLD Category Champion
Purple Moose Brewery LtdChocolate Moose5.6 GOLD  
Stroud BreweryStinger4.2 SILVER  
Zerodegrees CardiffOur Mango Beer4.1 SILVER  

Download full results: Click here

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