SIBA welcomes Tied Pubs Bill becoming law in Scotland

Commenting on the Tied Pubs Bill becoming law yesterday (23 March 2021), Chief Executive of the Society of Independent Brewers, James Calder said:

“With the passage of the Tied Pubs Bill in Scotland last night, pub tenants will now have the same statutory rights that have been provided in England and Wales under a Pubs Code. SIBA has been supportive of the Bill as it progressed through the Scottish Parliament and the protections it provides to tenants.

“The Bill also has the potential to improve consumer choice by allowing pubs to offer more local beer under a Guest Beer Agreement. While not fully defined in the Bill we look forward to working with the Scottish Government to shape the Pubs Code and ensure that tenants can provide what people want – a decent pint of local beer from a small brewery.”

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