Brewing for a different tomorrow – Lakes Brew Co has teamed up with the Save Windermere Campaign to help save dying Lake.

Brewing for a different tomorrow.

Lakes Brew Co has teamed up with the Save Windermere Campaign to help save dying Lake.
Mission: Save Lake Windermere, quite simple really.

Synonymous with the Lakes, the centric focal point for many, Lake Windermere is no doubt one of
the most famous landmarks with in the British Isles, featured in TV programs, movies, poems –
we could go on and on! Now faced with a huge issue, this famous body of water is dying from
pollution caused by discharges of treated and untreated sewage entering the water ways.
This is why, Lakes Brew Co have joined the campaign to Save Windermere, in the one way they
are best, by brewing a beer. That beer is Leave no trace, an easy drinking, perfectly hopped light
beer that is bursting with citrus and tropical notes, created to raise the importance of embracing
the true ethics of their region, their namesake, the outdoors code and one to live by. Lakes Brew
Co believe, as conscious humans, we should leave no trace to our environment.
Going forward Lakes Brew Co pledge to donate 10p from every can of Leave No Trace sold to the
Save Windermere Campaign.

“Growing up in the Lakes has always meant days, evenings spent in the outdoors, swimming
enjoying what we sometimes take for granted having all this on our doorstep, but now with
children of my own this campaign and the need for action has really resonated with our brewery. I
want my children to be safe and healthy being active in and around the Lakes. If we don’t take this
time now to act we will not be able to share the experiences we had with future generations of
what it is to truly grow up in the Lakes!” – Michelle Gay, Co Founder of Lakes Brew Co

As a Lake District business the brewery team feel deeply protective of the beautiful area that
surrounds them, they spend many days out on/in the bodies of water and on the fells with their
families and friends and not only this but the livelihoods like many who inhabit this area depend
on ‘The Lakes’, life would drastically change if action is not taken.

“We are incredibly honoured to have partnered with Lakes Brew Co and to have Save Windermere
featured on their Leave No Trace beer. As we head towards the general election, we must make a
stand for our lake. People now have a choice: either help the campaign achieve its goal of a
sewage-free Windermere, protecting our lake forever, or remain quiet whilst United Utilities
continues dumping sewage into the lake. It’s just that simple.” – Matt Staniek, Founder Save

If you would like to find out more about the campaign and how you can support the fight to save
Windermere and the wider Lakes – jump on to Lakes Brew Co or the Save Windermere Campaign

Find Leave no trace on Lakes Brew Co web shop and at all great craft beer stores – including
across all Booths stores

If you would like to buy Leave no trace please drop the brewery a line at

Editor’s notes
For further information: Email: or Tel: 01539 324 005
Save Windermere –

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