Langham and Gun Brewery named best in the South East

Langham Brewery and Gun Brewery have won the top awards in the SIBA South East Independent Beer Awards.

The prestigious awards, run by the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) at the Tonbridge Juddians Beer Festival in Kent, are judged by brewers and beer experts and seen very much as the ‘brewers choice’ awards in the industry.

Langham Brewery took home the overall Gold in the cask competition with their ‘Triple XXX’, whereas Gun Brewery was named overall small pack (bottle and can) winner for their Imperial Whisky Stout.

Commenting on the results was SIBA Chairman Buster Grant of Brecon Brewing, who presented the awards,

“The South East is a fast growing and vibrant beer scene and the beers in the competition reflected exactly that, with some fantastic beers entered across a diverse range of categories. These two beers have fought off tough competition to take the overall Golds and should certainly be considered the best of the best.” 

Triple XXX by Langham is described as a traditional dark mild, collecting the award was Martyn Constable from Langham who had this to say on their win,

“It’s fantastic to win. It’s my personal favourite of our beers, a stunning dark mild that is very well rounded in flavour and it’s also great to see a very traditional British style beer winning this competition against the huge range of styles entered – including some very modern heavily hopped styles.” 

The smallpack winner, Gun Brewery’s Imperial Whisky stout, is packaged in a 330ml can, a format growing in popularity with independent craft breweries across the UK, proving that cans are well suited to a huge range of beer styles. Described as having flavours of dark chocolate, coffee, black treacle and hints of Bourbon Oak, it’s a big and full flavoured beer – and at over 7% not to for the feint hearted.

Full Winners List

Overall Champion of the Cask Beer Competition  

Sponsored by  SPAsoft Ltd 

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD  Langham Brewery  Triple XXX 4.4
 SILVER  Dark Star Brewing Co Ltd  American Pale Ale 4.7
 BRONZE  Truman’s Brewery  Lazarus 4.2

Cask Standard Mild & Brown Ales   

Sponsored by  Rankin Brothers & Sons 

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD  Langham Brewery Triple XXX 4.4
 SILVER  Whitstable Brewery Co Ltd Renaissance Ruby Mild 3.9
 BRONZE  Arundel Brewery Black Stallion 3.7

Cask Standard Bitters & Pale Ales  

Sponsored by  QCL Scientific 

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD  White’s Franklins  English Garden 3.8
 SILVER  Twickenham Fine Ales  Grandstand 3.8
 BRONZE  Old Dairy Brewery  Uber Brew 3.8

Cask Best Bitters & Pale Ales   

Sponsored by  Charles Farams & Co. Ltd 

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD  Truman’s Brewery Lazarus 4.2
 SILVER  Long Man Brewery Best Bitter 4.0
 BRONZE  Surrey Hills Brewery Shere Drop 4.2

 Cask Premium Bitters & Pale Ales   

Sponsored by  Bulk Storage and Process Systems Ltd 

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD  Dark Star Brewing Co Ltd  American Pale Ale 4.7
 SILVER  Goddards Brewery  Fuggle Dee Dum 4.8
 BRONZE  Redemption Brewing Company  Hopspur 4.5

Cask Strong Bitters & Pale Ales  

Sponsored by  Crookham Travel 

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD  Hammerton Brewery N7 5.2
 SILVER  Red Cat Brewing NEW IPA 6.0
 BRONZE  London Brewing Co Skyline American Pale 5.3

 Cask Premium Strong Beers  

Sponsored by  Murphy & Son Ltd 

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD  Big Smoke Brew Co  The Judge DIPA 8.5

Cask Porters, Stouts, Old Ales, Strong Milds & Strong Brown Ales   

Sponsored by  Brewers Select 

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD  Bedlam Brewery Ltd Porter 5.0
 SILVER  Long Man Brewery Old Man 4.3
 BRONZE  Big Smoke Brew Co Underworld Milk Stout 5.0

 Cask Speciality Light Beers  

Sponsored by  Crisp Malting Group 

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD  Red Cat Brewing  Tellicherry Wit 5.4
 SILVER  Enfield  Raspberry Pale Ale 3.9
 BRONZE  Bowman Ales  Trebuchet 4.5

 Cask Speciality Mid to Dark Beers  

Sponsored by  Muntons PLC

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD  Big Smoke Brew Co Underworld Vanilla Milk Stout 5.0
 SILVER  Canterbury Brewers & Distillers ( Stoneset Inns Ltd. ) Itzamna 9.6
 BRONZE  Binghams Brewery Macchiato Stout 5.0

 Overall Champion of the Small Pack Competition  

Sponsored by Croxson & Son Ltd

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD Gun Brewery Imperial Whisky Stout 7.4
 SILVER Brick Brewery Peckham Pale 4.5
 BRONZE Big Smoke Brew Co Underworld Milk Stout 5.2

 O Small Pack Standard Mild & Brown Ales   

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD  Wantsum Brewery Black Prince 3.9
 SILVER  West Berkshire Brewery Maggs’ Magnificent Mild 3.7
 BRONZE  Hammerpot Brewery Red Hunter 4.3

 Small Pack Standard Bitters & Pale Ales   

Sponsored by  Zoedale Ltd 

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD  The Crafty Brewing Company  Hop Tipple 4.2
 SILVER  Westerham Brewery  Scotney Bitter 4.3
 BRONZE  Binghams Brewery  Twyford Tipple 3.7

 Small Pack Premium Bitters & Pale Ales   

Sponsored by  Rastal GmbH & Co. Ltd 

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD  Brick Brewery Peckham Pale 4.5
 SILVER  Three Sods Brewery Trade union pale ale 4.5
 BRONZE  Hammerpot Brewery Brighton Belle 4.6

 Small Pack Strong Bitters & Pale Ales   

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD  Windsor and Eton  Uprising’s Treason 5.8
 SILVER  Brixton Brewery  Atlantic APA 5.4
 BRONZE  Canopy Beer Co  Brockwell iPA 5.6

Small Pack Premium Strong Beers   

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD  Old Dairy Brewery Dark Side of the Moo 7.0
 SILVER  Signature Brew Stagediver 7.2
 BRONZE  Red Cat Brewing Imperial 15 9.1

 Small Pack Standard Lager & Pilsners                                                           

Sponsored by  CFB Steam Boilers 

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD  Whitstable Brewery Co Ltd  Kentish Lager 4.1

Small Pack Premium Lager & Pilsners                                                                   

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD  Whitstable Brewery Co Ltd Whitstable Pilsner 4.9
 SILVER  Westerham Brewery Bohemian Rhapsody 5.0
 BRONZE  Wantsum Brewery Preussen Pilsner 4.5

Small Pack Porters, Stouts, Old Ales, Strong Milds & Strong Brown Ales  

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD  Big Smoke Brew Co  Underworld Milk Stout 5.2
 SILVER  West Berkshire Brewery  Tamesis Extra Stout 4.9
 BRONZE  Old Dairy Brewery  Snow Top 6.0

Small Pack Speciality Light Beers   

Sponsored by  Beatson Clark Ltd 

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD  Flack Manor Brewery Ltd Romsey Gold 4.5
 SILVER  Signature Brew Nice Time 3.9
 BRONZE  Red Cat Brewing Tellicherry Wit 5.4

 Small Pack Speciality Mid to Dark Beers  

Brewery Product ABV
 GOLD  Gun Brewery  Imperial Whisky Stout 7.4
 SILVER  Whitstable Brewery Co Ltd  Raspberry Wheat Beer 5.2
 BRONZE  Red Cat Brewing  Smoggy 4.7

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