Nordic brewers help raise the bar for alcohol-free beer

Alcohol-free brewer, Big Drop, has teamed up with four leading Nordic breweries to launch a limited-edition range of 0.5% ABV collaboration brews.

The range is the second in Big Drop’s ‘World Collab Series’, curated with renowned beer expert, Melissa Cole, and a showcase for demonstrating the heights that alcohol-free craft beer has reached.

Big Drop is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of alcohol-free beers and its World Collab Series does this by only inviting leading breweries with a reputation for experimentation to participate. The resulting beers often make eyes widen, pique curiosity and bring a smile but, most importantly, they demonstrate to new communities of craft beer fans what’s possible with alcohol-free.
Available from mid-January, the four beers (all 0.5% ABV) include: a Coconut Stout, an Elderflower IPA, a Juniper Rye IPA and – last but not least – a vegan-friendly Peach Melba Pastry Sour.

1. Big Drop & Einstök (Iceland): ‘Arctic Beach’ Coconut Stout

Appearance: Black as night

A full-bodied, velvety treat. A blend of the creamy richness of dark chocolate, alongside the goodness of fresh lightly toasted coconut. A burst of roasted malts and subtle coconut flavour will transport your palate to a beachy paradise, whilst you’re snuggled on the sofa.

2. Big Drop & Hop Notch (Sweden): ‘Fläderlätt’ Elderflower IPA 

Appearance: Pale Golden

Refreshment delivered. This well-rounded Elderflower IPA delivers on both the nose and palate. Use of an experimental UK hop ‘Mozart’ generates a unique flavour profile with hints of bitter grapefruit, clean citrus, drawn together by a fresh, fruity elderflower twist.

3. Big Drop & Fat Lizard (Finland): ‘Rye’d Said Fred’ Juniper Rye IPA

Appearance: Golden

A complex blend of flavours, most notably spiciness from the rye heavy mash. Subtle nutty herbal tones, intertwining with assertive, forward botanical notes of juniper. A rich toasty goodness, followed up with a fresh aromatic flourish and a bitter finish.

4. Big Drop & Amundsen (Norway): ‘Rush Rider’ Peach Melba Pastry Sour

Appearance: Pink champagne

An elegant bouquet of vibrant deep raspberry candy with a sour twist. A delicate nose moves to deliver a gentle refreshing sharp bite, before exploding with an intense profile of fresh vanilla, fresh berries and peach pie. A naughty-treat in a can.

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