Breweries invited to sign up to Women On Tap Showcase

WOTFEST SEVEN will take place 24th to 28th May 2023 and the Women On Tap team is asking UK breweries to celebrate the women in their workforce.

In the lead up to the annual festival, venues always ask for a list of breweries they can refer to when planning tap takeovers to run across the dates of the main event.

In response to this Women On Tap CIC is pulling together a list of breweries that champion women working in beer and are actively reflecting this in the workplace. This list will be used for a Women On Tap 2023 brewery showcase where breweries deemed eligible will have their company names and sales contact information shared ahead of WOTFEST.

Breweries are asked just five short questions about women in brewing, decision-making, and as a proportion of the overall workforce. They aren’t expected to get ‘top marks’ in every area to pass eligibility for the list, but they are invited to celebrate women in their company across any of the three areas.

Women On Tap CIC founder Rachel Auty adds:

“This data just does not exist at present in the UK. There are various pots of data and evidence around the lack of women in beer and yet this feels like really key data that we could measure against year-on-year to really evidence progress. For us this is about helping bars with planning tap takeovers by sharing a list of breweries who are walking-the-walk and successfully engaging women on their teams, but it does feel like an important data set in the fight for equality in beer.

We urge breweries of all sizes to get onboard with this. The International Women’s Day brewing projects are wonderful, but we simply can’t only champion women in beer on one day a year. We’d love to know more about the current makeup of our UK brewery teams and we can’t wait to celebrate breweries who truly are breaking the mould in beer.”

UK breweries are asked to fill in the short online form here: before April 30th 2023.

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